Monday 15 January 2024

Updates to Portugal's "Nationality Law": Important changes in the rules for gaining citizenship.

 Revisions in Calculating Residence Time for Nationality Requests in Portugal

A significant change involves the way the period of residence in Portugal is counted for nationality applications based on residence time. Previously, the 5-year legal residence requirement was calculated from obtaining the residence permit. Now, it is calculated from the permit application, acknowledging the waiting time for approval. This aims to address delays in processing and correct potential injustices. For instance, an investor applying for a Golden Visa in 2019 and receiving the permit in 2021 due to the pandemic can now apply for nationality in 2024, considering the 5-year count from the initial permit application.

These amendments to the Nationality Law mark a substantial advancement in gaining citizenship in Portugal. By adapting procedures and criteria, the Parliament aims to align the legislation with current challenges, providing a more inclusive path for those seeking Portuguese nationality.

The approved changes, dated January 5th, are pending official documentation publication. It is anticipated that the document will be published by the end of January, with the changes taking effect in early February.

For specific guidance on how these recent changes impact citizenship acquisition processes in Portugal, consulting with Portugal Immigration Affair and nationality matters is recommended.

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