Friday 24 February 2023

Relocation services to help individuals and families settle into Portugal

Portugal Immigration Affair offers a range of relocation services to help individuals and families settle into the country. Here are some of the relocation services offered:

Visa and immigration assistance: offers support with visa and immigration processes, including work permits, residency permits, and visas for investors.
Housing assistance: offers services to help individuals and families find suitable housing, such as rental apartments, houses, or purchasing property.
Education and schooling assistance: offers assistance with education and schooling, including finding the right school, applying for admission, and understanding the education system.
Tax and financial planning assistance: offers advice and support with tax and financial planning, including understanding tax regulations, opening bank accounts, and managing finances.
Pet relocation: offers services for relocating pets, including obtaining the necessary documentation, arranging transportation, and finding suitable pet-friendly accommodation.
The specific services available may vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

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