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The Definitive Manual for Importing Your Car to Portugal

When you move to a new country, there's a lot to do – find a place to live, learn the language, and sort out your money. Importing your car might not be the first thing on your mind, but if you want to drive in Portugal, it's something you'll need to think about. You'll have to decide whether to deal with high car prices in Portugal or bring your own car from your home country, and that's a big decision to make.

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Essential Conditions for Bringing a Car into Portugal

It's essential to understand that the steps and fees for importing a car to Portugal may vary based on your origin. Here's a general overview of the basic steps to guide you through the process:

  • Valid ID: Ensure you have a valid personal ID.
  • Certificate of Conformity: Obtain an international Certificate of Conformity to demonstrate that your car complies with EU environmental and safety standards. This document is crucial for registering your car in Portugal and can be obtained from the car's manufacturer or an authorized dealer.
  • EU Emissions Standards Compliance: Ensure your car meets Portuguese and EU emissions standards. Verify this with the manufacturer or local emission testing authority.
  • IPO Test in Portugal: Schedule and undergo an IPO test, a Portuguese emissions test, within 30 days of registering your car in Portugal.
  • Proof of Ownership: Provide proof of ownership, such as a registration certificate, bill of sale, or title deed.
  • Valid Car Insurance: Confirm that your car insurance is valid in Portugal. If you're relocating permanently, consider obtaining a new policy covering your move to Portugal.
  • IMT Form Model 9: Complete and submit the IMT Form Model 9, a customs declaration for your car, to Portuguese authorities.
  • Register with Portal das Finanças: Register on Portal das Finanças to manage your property patrimony, IRS, annual car tax (imposto circular automóvel), and facilitate related payments.

Your Vehicle, Your Way: The Complete Guide to Importing Your Car to Portugal

Exploring Car Import Taxes in Portugal: Unpacking VAT and ISV

Once you've confirmed your eligibility to import a car into Portugal, it's crucial to understand the associated taxes and fees. The primary levies are VAT (value-added tax) and ISV (imposto sobre veículos).

VAT, set at 23%, applies to the import of most goods into Portugal. For cars, the calculation includes the car's value along with any applicable import duties.

ISV, a vehicle registration tax capped at 10%, is imposed on all new and used vehicles imported into Portugal. The amount varies based on your car's value, engine size, and emissions.

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Important Information for Non-EU Residents

Non-EU citizens should be aware that they can qualify for an ISV exemption if they have owned their car for a minimum of six months while residing outside of Portugal during this timeframe.

Crucial Information for EU and EFTA Residents

For those intending to import a car from an EU or EFTA country, it's important to note that you are exempt from the ISV tax. However, VAT is applicable if the car is brand new (owned for less than six months), and you are required to fulfill this obligation.

Transitioning to a Portuguese Driving License

If you opt to exchange your foreign driving license for a Portuguese one, rather than obtaining an entirely new license, the process is straightforward. You can complete the application online, and a nominal fee, of under 40 euros, is required.

It's important to note that for certain driving licenses from specific countries, exchanging them in Portugal may necessitate undergoing a practical driving test.

Smooth Rides Ahead: Navigating the Process to Import Your Car to Portugal


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