Tuesday 11 October 2022

Relocation to Portugal: Seeking Expert Advice

Portugal Immigration Affair 

The best fit for your unique relocation requirements!!

At Portugal Immigration Affair, we are helping foreigners to establish their resident status in Portugal, as per their specific situation. We have seen a tremendous increase in current relocation stats, following the pre-requisite of immigration regulations, providing you the best assistance starting from pre-prep consultation to establishing the legal residential status in Portugal, is becoming our sole objective. 

In Portugal, all citizens over 16 years of age, whether national or foreign, are required by law to carry a valid document identifying them to the authorities.

When you see the beauty of peaceful life in Portugal along with the pleasant climate, calm beaches, and hospitable natives, you take a sigh of relief and want to move asap. The word 'Relocation' might take that peace of mind away, as relocation requires a bundle of documents, and these documents are so particular for each immigrant, and we assure you to enjoy the great adventure with the well-disciplined and organized services planned by our experts.

You are just a call away to get all your doubts cleared, and start this amazing journey of moving near the Atlantic Sea. Book your call to get advice on the following matters:

  • Cost of living in Portugal
  • Renting a house
  •  Buying a house
  •  Residence Permit

As everyone's situation is specific, unique, and different, there is no particular checklist of documents, we suggest you book a consultation, who can understand your requirements better and take this ahead with particular visa requirements.


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