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All you need to know about D7 Visa

D7 Visa: A Residence Permit In Portugal For Pensioners, Religious People And People Living From Their Own Income


D7 is the most chosen visa among immigrants. This is also known as Retirement Visa, Visa for Pensioners, or Income visa as passive income stays one of the mandatory requirements for the said visa. This visa gives you the right to live in a country's beautiful territory enriched with heritage, art & culture. To move and later enjoy Portugal's peaceful, calm, and beautiful breezes, this always starts with a list of minimum documents. 

Why Portugal?

      According to several news reports, Portugal is ranked 3rd best country to live in, with another remark best option for an affordable retirement. It is not wrong to say that Portugal is one of the world’s safest countries. Adding more to the characteristic features, digital life, social life, luxury, lifestyle, health and well-being, personal choices, transportation, education system, and open-minded people make it more attractive. Not only metropolitan cities but small towns and villages have some amazing vibes, starting from the streets of Alfama (ancient Portugal), one can enjoy until Serra de Estrela (the highest point of Portugal).  

Who can apply?

    • Non-European Citizens
    • EEA
    • Swiss Citizens

Main Eligibility Criteria:

If you have a steady passive income, you need to get the following documents:

    • Proof of Financial Requirements: Expert advice is always necessary for this step as consulates interpret the requirements differently.
    • Legit Source of Income
    • Income Tax Return:  This is a country-specific requirement, depending on the applicant's country of origin, a verification form is needed.
    • Health Insurance: Again this is also regional specific.


Check your eligibility here

Benefits for non-EU Citizens:

Once the visa is granted, applicants get the following benefits:

  • Right to live in Portuguese Territory.
  • Access to Portuguese Education System.
  • Right to invite dependants, direct blood relatives, and in-laws.
  • SNS: National Healthcare with the access of Numero Utente de Saúde.
  • Visit Schengen zone without asking for a visa in the respective country.
  • Enrolment under Non- Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime.
  • Requesting Permanent Resident Card after 5 years.

Although the process is complicated, with the right approach this can be handled step by step with the help of immigration experts. Our Team at Portugal Immigration Affair is lead by expert immigration attorneys and the process can be started by booking a consultation with us through our Website, Facebook, and/or Whats app. 

Timeline of the process:

D7 visa and later the resident card or the whole D7 Visa program comprises 2 completely different processes. In total, it can take four to six months depending on covid-19 restrictions and the availability of available slots at respective consulates and SEF.

Public or Private Institutes Involved:

    • Finance Authority of Portugal
    • Any Public or Private Bank in Portugal
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of Origin
    • Local Police Authority in the country of Origin
    • Portuguese consulate in the country of origin
    • SEF in Portugal

Validity of Resident Permit:

The first resident card comes with a validity of 2 years from the date of issue. The expiry date is usually mentioned in front of the card (Validade do Cartão). On the backside of the card, one can find a remark called Permission to work (Permite o Excercício de Activ. Profissional), along with your fiscal number (NIF), Social Security No., Address and place of issue.

Renewal Process:

This card can be renewed one month before the expiry of the card based on the following factors:

    • Meeting all the eligibility criteria that were shown during the visa process.
    • Meeting the Stay Requirements.

Book your appointment to start the process now with our experts by clicking here.

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